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Out Standing in Her Field
Self Portrait-6x8

Margaret Ann Missman has had a passion for art her entire life. Her family remembers being impressed with her precocious drawings she would do as early as a 1-year-old. 

She received her BA in Fine Art at Long Beach State, and continues her education by mentoring from artist Stephen Mirich, and attends weekly figure drawing workshops.  She also is influenced by works of favorite artists: Joaquin Sorrolla, John S. Sargent, Richard E. Miller, Franz Bischoff and others.

Like the early California impressionists, Margaret finds herself fascinated with the intense, basking light of Southern California. She especially loves the challenge of painting objects in direct sunlight, capturing quickly changing nuances of color and light. She is also studying portraiture in a loose style.

Often when she begins to paint, the universe has other ideas and she is inspired to paint the images and instructions she receives from some higher place. She doesn’t always know what the paintings will be.  She just goes to the canvas and begins somewhere, sometimes with only a color or idea, and the painting develops intuitively from there.  They are always a surprise.


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