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#12. Energy 

30"x26" 11/98 Oil on Canvas



This one has an especially interesting story. My brother’s former partner, Dean, was a very talented stained-glass artist. He died from AIDS at a very early age. My brother was still very close to him, and towards the end of his life, Dean had begun a painting, but never finished it. My brother asked me if I would be able to, and I said I’d give it a try. I spent some quiet time with it, and with some photos of Dean, to see if I could get any guidance. What I did get was this almost ferocious urge to start a new painting, depicting the creation of energy, gathering up fuel and exploding into a new form. I feel that this painting represents Dean’s new unlimited energy, breaking from limiting bonds. The unfinished painting he left reflects the old limitations, and is of no interest to him now, and the message I got was that if I wanted to finish it, I was on my own. I felt that he communicated this to me very clearly.