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Parties in Heaven

#5. Parties in Heaven

30"x24" 5/98 Oil on Canvas



I had seen an image that had a particular creamy-yellow background with reddish objects, and it really haunted me for some reason. I decided to start with these colors, but I got a little lost when I started putting the reds on after I had the yellow background. So I walked away, and when I soon returned to it, I started to get "instructions". I got the name of the painting, and could feel a happy bubbliness and saw the heavens filled with joy, laughter and parties. They really do have a good time up there. The instructions included, again, to put the paint on as colored spots. I really felt like I was in an art class. This was a whole new way and direction of painting for me. It was a joy to do and went very smoothly.  I don't think I ended up with my original color idea, but it was a starting point.

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