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From my journal, guidance I have received in meditation


I accept the best the world has to offer.

My Highest Good

I am not to let myself be distracted from attaining my goals with activities which cause chaos within me, no matter how alluring they seem on the outside. Everything that is for my highest good will be placed before me.  If I feel like I am having to chase after something in order to have it, it is not for my highest good.  If something is pulling me off center, it is not for my highest good.  The people who belong in my life will show up without me having to catch them.  It will feel “right”; I won’t feel like I have to try hard to “measure up”.  It will be a comfortable fit.  It won’t feel like such a strong force that pulls or pushes me too hard.  It will “click”.  The person who is to be my life partner will blend with me beautifully, no pressures to be different than who I am right now.  I need to cultivate focus and peacefulness in my life.  The inner planes are the reality, not the other way around.  Silent, focused mind, receiving constant instructions moment to moment.  Magical.  Don’t seek out noisy situations.  Don’t bring in chaos.  What other people think of me is not important. 

The people who know you love you dearly.  Cultivate serenity.   Eliminate those things which cause noise.   You will become more magnetic to those things that are best for you.


You Make Things Happen

Your perception has been that the Universe, God, Angels, Guardian Spirits are in a parental aspect to you, but in reality you are your parent.  You make things happen.  Do not ask the Universe to bring you things or “grant” you things, and wonder what you are doing wrong when you are not given things.  Instead, put yourself into the parental role.  You are the creator of your reality.  You visualize what you want, and your subconscious goes out to get it.  Your guardians, angels, higher self guide you and show you the bigger picture. They shine the light down your path.  They also help you attain your dreams, if it is for your highest good.


Letting Go

Let go.  Let go of the need to control outcome.  Focus on your goals, but don’t hold on to how things “should be going” so much that you choke off the flow of receiving.  Do not judge.  Just keep focused on your goals, and do the next thing indicated to do.  Do not judge each event as bad or good.  Let go of this need.  Just LET THINGS BE, to blossom naturally.  If you get so caught in the way things “should be”, you block the natural flow; you miss subtle signs and indicators to do things differently.  Do not have a need to “work so hard”.  You miss opportunities when you are “bashing your head” to get things done.   Things will turn out much better when allowed to develop on their own.  You will be led to easier paths.

Fill your heart with peace and love, and go about your tasks without judgment.   Just observe, and be open to receive directions to “Easy Street”.

Let Go.  Let Go.

You block your own energy…


On Painting

Make the imagery out of love, passion.   “Caress” the canvas, the page.   Make the imagery an expression of love flowing from the Universe through your body, out through your hand.  “Make love” with the Universe, the canvas, the paper.  Let go and let passion pour through. Put logic aside.  “Feel” the image.  Close your eyes, open your heart.


A Still, Quiet Mind

A still, quiet, focused mind allows new information to flow in.

Still, quiet mind, with heart wide open.  Not wanting, but allowing, observing, inviting, expressing.

Live your life with this attitude, and it will become very magical.

You let go, relax, take a higher viewpoint and observe objectively.  Fill your heart with love and gratitude, and do that which is put before you.  You will “slip” into the flow of the Universe, its rhythms, its language, its perfect timing.  You visualize your goals, then let go, and the shortest path will emerge, especially if you have not visualized specifics, but desired feelings and symbols; these can be manifest the quickest.   You let the Universe work out the details.


Get Quiet Before You Take Action

The more energy work you do, the less physical work you need to do.  When you don’t have a clear indication of what to do next, get quiet. Do the energy work.


Receiving Guidance

Always strive to remain calm, peaceful, not rushed or anxious.  Look at yourself as if you were the most cherished person in the world, and you should be (seeing yourself that way).  See that you would prefer this special person always to be at peace, not agitated.  If you were trying to guide this person, it would be difficult to do so if this person were tense, not open to guidance.  You would want for this person to be calm, at peace, open to your guidance.  This is the angels’ viewpoint.


Keeping a Positive Viewpoint

It is better, more beneficial, to look for the good, and expect that things will work out.  It is easy to be fearful and focus on what is not “good”.  But it is just as easy to shift to a positive viewpoint, with better results.  It is a matter of habit.  One viewpoint aids you in drifting aimlessly, and one moves you forward to better and better experiences.

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