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Go Forth and Create

#1. Go Forth and Create

28 1/2" x 21" 10/97

Oil on Watercolor Paper (coated with acrylic medium)



This image is available as a poster print through Etsy: Etsy



Across the top: "Go Forth and Create - You will be Guided"
Across the Bottom:

"Humanity is Divine - see how Beautiful you are!   Look for the Beauty, the Light, in everything.  Do those activities which bring you deep inner Peacefulness, Joy and Fulfillment.  Fill your life with beautiful feelings of Love. Follow this path, and you will open yourself to the loving aid and guidance of your spirit companions, who are with you always, as you create - You!"


This image depicts a woman looking in awe at the beautiful rainbow she created, but doesn’t see the spirit behind her "co-creating" with her, enabling her to create much greater works than if she were working alone. It is the image I received in an automatic drawing, one of the first.


Details (click on images to see larger views):


GoForthtoptxt1_thm.jpg (9037 bytes)
GoForthspirit1_thm.jpg (7175 bytes)
GoForthtxt1_thm.jpg (12378 bytes)

Around 1995 I was going through a very bad time in my life - difficult marriage, deteriorating health (chronic fatigue syndrome, week-long fevers, increasing food sensitivities, mental trauma from past and present events, poor vision so much that it hurt to even open my eyes often). I had been spending a lot of time in bed, and with nothing better to do, meditating a lot.  One day, in great despair, I was sitting up in bed sketching as I did often, and I just asked the question, “Well, what am I supposed to do now? What am I good for?  Should I just fling myself off a cliff and be done with it?”   And suddenly felt lifted way up, flooded with love, and I saw a group of angels above; my hand started quickly drawing an image – the image was of an angel with his hand stretched out, and many angels behind him – and the very strong message was “There is your gift, you silly!” (Humorously! They have been very humorous).   The message was that I was to do my art.  Go to the canvas and paint.   With healing feelings the images bring.  I cried and cried afterwards; it was so beautiful, and I realized I had never really felt true happiness before.   It was the start of several years of clairvoyance/clairaudience, even scents, and “conversations with the universe”, and automatic drawings and paintings.  I was so lifted up and expanded, with a greater sense of myself and my world and what I am doing here.  Go Forth and Create was the next automatic drawing, and it insisted on becoming a painting.

This is the first painting in my new direction.  It was such a big learning experience. I knew I was to do this image, because it wouldn’t leave me alone. When I finally gave myself up to follow this path, so much magic began to happen. I didn’t know how to start. I was told "you have everything you need to do this now. Just start." It went though many transformations, starting out very small.

I didn’t have any canvas, so I used 14"x17" bristol paper. When I first went to draw this image for painting, I found that I kept putting the image towards the top of the page. I couldn’t seem to draw the image centered, and I didn’t know why. I only had "Go Forth and Create" across the top and the image, not the text below. So I just continued on, trying to paint what I had so far. My efforts were very crude and clumsy, so I tried over and over. One day, I got so fed up because I couldn’t get this little image to look decent. I felt that there was something more, something itching to burst through. Finally, one Saturday, I grabbed my big 18"x24" drawing pad, and took some charcoal and made a quick sketch of the image, filling the page, and got a huge burst of energy. It looked great immediately. It wanted to be a big picture! I got very excited. As I was working out the image on this new size, I received another message - all the text that was to go under the image. The information came so fast, I had to write it down furiously. It all made sense now! That’s why the image had to be placed higher up. And it became so much more.

As I was happily working away on it, I wondered, "This painting is so much work; who is it for? Am I going to work so hard on this, only to sell it and that is all?" I got an answer immediately - I saw it hanging in many places, many copies, and it was helping many people. I said, "Oh! it’s going to be a poster!" And I heard a voice very clearly say, "You’ll print 2000 to start."

So even with my poor eyesight (my eyes were always hurting), I happily worked away on it, using a magnifying glass to do the lettering. I look at it today and marvel at how I ever accomplished it.