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#2. Welcome  

28"x30" 9/01

(Original began 12/97)  Oil on Canvas



Right after I finished "Go Forth and Create", I got an itching to do this one. It is also based on an automatic drawing I received.It was an energy-filled experience. While I was painting it, I was filled with so much energy, and I could see my place in the universe, what I am here to do. I was simultaneously fully connected to the heavens, and firmly connected to Earth. When I started on it, I knew that it was to have the main male figure and the middle female figure, but as I work away on it, the two other figures "appeared". And I was shown how to paint in an entirely different way - spots of color side by side, not smooth areas of color. It was a style that was slowly emerging in "Go Forth", towards the end, which can be seen in the rainbow, the woman’s hair and the energy circle. I tried my best to carry out what I was being instructed to do (images and voices), and sort of achieved the new effect, but my skills fell short of my vision. I would work on it off and on, painting over and over it over a period of a couple of years, until it attained a very thick, rough coat of paint, difficult to work on, but it only approached my vision.

This painting is a re-do of the original (pictured below), and it does have more of the feeling of my original vision. It is larger that the first one. When I started this one, as with the first one, I was compelled to work quickly and furiously, as I was filled once again with so much energy and great feelings. I was able to complete this one much more quickly. I had a lot of learning to do to accomplish it. 

Original painting (click on it to see a larger view):

Welcome (original)