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Transcendence II - Dreamscape

#17. Transcendence II - Dreamscape

36"x46" 4/2 (began 6/00) Oil on Canvas



Dreamscape combines "Transcendence" with "Creation", further exploring these new places.

This one was a surprise. I had experimented with scanning some slides into the computer, just to see how it was done, but I couldn’t figure out how to use the little slide adapter on the scanner, and "Transcendance" became an ugly, dark picture. So I used a photo doctoring program and chose such things as lightening, and remove dust. Well, it didn’t know that all my brush strokes weren’t "dust", and blended the whole thing into a beautiful, muted, dreamy image, which I was fascinated by.

I thought I would just take the image and use it to create a new painting from it, basically copying what I saw ("that shouldn’t take too long or be too hard"- yeah, right), and I for some reason couldn't get the right effect, just ugly mud. So kept experimenting with it, and finally asked it what it wanted to be and stop trying to control it, and this beautiful sky happened. I kept experimenting with the land part, and couldn’t figure it out, until I let go again, and bubbles began appearing again! I worked on and off of it for almost a couple of years. This is another favorite of mine.