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Loving Spirit

#18.  Loving Spirit

24"x22" 11/01 Oil on Canvas



This painting is a version of one I did for my sister.  In our family, which is quite large, we would choose names for our Christmas gift exchange.  For Christmas '99, I got my sister Becky's name; Becky makes beautiful pottery.  We love each other's artwork, so I thought it would be nice if I could come up with a little painting for her.  So I sat quietly one day with my sketch pad and asked for an image that would be right for her.  Almost immediately this image came, and I got very excited.  So I painted away - it practically painted itself - my paintbrush just flew, and I wasn't sure what I had until I stepped back and looked, and presented her with it for Christmas.  She liked it, but she wasn't sure about it.  She took it home and put it up in her studio.  She was having creative blocks, so she thought of this painting and decided just to get quiet and look at it.  She almost immediately received new ideas and inspiration.  She found out what it was for!  She says she uses it regularly.  I liked the painting so much I decided to make this one for everyone.

2012: This painting mysteriously disappeared and found a new home; its whereabouts is unknown at the moment... A new version is in the works.