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#19.  Beacon

32"x36" 7/02 Oil on Canvas



Beacon was created after a 4-month absence from painting.  I had taken the time off to create this website and to attend to other matters (never again!).  I thought I would just dive right in and get back to where I left off, back to working on the new ideas I had, but when I started, I found that I had to do some exploring and deep contemplating to get back into a comfortable "groove".  This one started out as very strange, and I didn't like it, so I put it aside and worked on other paintings.  I kept peeking at this one (it was a strange light-colored blob -like some weird planet thing- center with smooth bands radiating out, similar to the final colors, with strange pink circular things), until one day I had an Aha! that I was hoping to get, and it quickly turned into this, and I love it!  The pink things?  "The Mysterious Lights", I guess!